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17 Ways to Attract Abundance PLR E-book

Attract Abundance PLRThis is a brand new e-book on a very HOT topic right now: the Law of Attraction!  Specifically, using the Law of Attraction to ATTRACT ABUNDANCE.

Book Details:  29 pages long - 12,077 words total

Here's a snapshot of the Introduction:

The Law of Attraction has become a hot mainstream topic over the past couple of years, and now more than ever people are realizing that they have control over their physical environment through the use of deliberate thought, positive emotion and conscious intention.

As empowering and thrilling as this new awakening is, the information itself is not new.  For centuries spiritual teachers and authors have been sharing profound insights about the power we have to mold and shape our physical surroundings, but this information was not widely available to the majority of "average" people like it is today.  Thanks to the internet and greater availability of books and other media for nearly everyone, we can share information much more quickly and easily than in years past.

Even better, scientific advances over the past century are beginning to provide tentative proof that these concepts work.  Quantum exploration is revealing some startling insights into the way our universe operates and we are becoming keenly aware that we are NOT just passive observers but rather powerful participants in our reality, both collective and individual - with the power to exert our will upon our environment and alter the course of our lives.

These studies are helping us to understand exactly how to use the Law of Attraction purposefully to create better, richer, more fulfilling lives.  More than ever before, we understand the actions, thoughts and emotional states will help us to emit the right "frequency" to attract specific experiences into our lives.

The majority of this e-book focuses on money and abundance, but the concepts could just as easily be applied to any other subject too.  When it comes right down to it, "abundance" is simply our natural state of well-being that includes a constant flow of money, happiness, love, peace, vibrant health and all forms of goodness.

In the following pages you will discover 17 simple things you can do to begin attracting greater abundance into your life.  They are presented in no particular order, so read them in any fashion you desire.  You can skip around or read the whole book straight through - it's up to you.

Some of these techniques may not be new to you, but consider them seriously anyway.  If they are included in this e-book, it's for one simple reason: they WORK! 

One of the most important insights you will gain from this book is that attracting greater abundance into your life isn't only about what you DO but who you ARE; the way you think and feel and believe in every moment of every day.  Of course, physical action has its place too, and we'll be discussing that later in the book. 

In the meantime, most of the strategies in this book will show you how to shift effortlessly into the mental and emotional state of a person who NATURALLY attracts abundance.  In fact, you'll probably experience what many people who practice these techniques do; that money can flow into your life from endless sources - both expected and unexpected!  Even better, you won't have to struggle and strain to make it happen.  It will be a natural by-product of improving the quality of your mental and emotional "frequency." 

The length of time it takes to see results will vary greatly from person to person.  It all depends on your current "default frequency" and how completely you are able to move into a higher frequency.  It is very possible to see results immediately when using these techniques but even if it takes a bit longer, do not make the mistake of thinking that they aren't working!  Some people may experience an apparent lull for a few days to a few weeks - and then BOOM! - everything changes in a heartbeat.

Whether it takes a few minutes or a few months to see results, remember that the more focus you can give these techniques on a daily basis, the more powerful your results will be.  Having fun with the whole process will also go a long way in creating rapid results.

This book is top notch quality and includes 17 of the most powerful abundance-attracting techniques known today, plus one more BONUS TIP to help the reader keep it all in perspective and make the easiest progress possible.

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